Monday, March 7, 2011

Help me pick my next victim.

I have a few excellent candidates on deck, but I can't decide which one to Tomoview next. So, I'm going to let you decide. I will post a line from each of the four books, post a comment with the number of the one you most want to see Tomoviewed.

1. "Though winter's gone, but it's still cold as teats on a celibate outside." 

2"I had always longed for the aloof arrogance that seemed to come so naturally to most vampires. Where the hearts of others of my kind seemed to turn to stone as the centuries passed, mine only became tender, my antipathy for all that was vicious and cruel about the world nearly crushing my spirit." 

3. "Six years felt like an eternity as Benny walked in the daylight imperfect lounge to see Sanchez looking like and old, worn out dishrag of the man he used to know. This was a Sanchez that had seen too many years of disappointment, too little money, and to many sit-in-the-dark-alone drinks. This was a man who had mulled over the unkind years of disappointment like bitter dregs of the heady drink he'd once known."

4. "His most recent endeavor involved and ordinary hair dryer, which he switched on the warm setting, opting to skip the highest temperature -- for fear it would cause serious damage -- and placed its nozzle strategically in front of his throbbing member with one hand while he stroked his shaft with the other. The constant rush of warm air coupled with whirring sound it made wasn't gratifying enough to bring him to orgasm, and his dick started to itch from the heat."


  1. The hairdryer-wanking one, I think.

    That "Sanchez" in the second one sounds dirty. A dirty Sanchez, if you will...

  2. More #4 please!!!